Jul 15, 2012

Kinetic Rain

Berlin firm ART+COM just completed this stunning new kinetic sculpture in Terminal 1 of Changi Airport in Singapore. Kinetic Rain consists of two sets of 608 suspended raindrops made from lightweight aluminum covered in copper which are raised and lowered in a 15-minute computationally designed choreography controlled from motors embedded in the ceiling. ART+COM created a similar though somewhat smaller piece for the BMW Museum in 2008.

Jul 1, 2012

Projects inspired by ‘Immaterials: Light painting WiFi’

'Immaterials: Light painting WiFi' has spread across the internet and become a popular cultural phenomena over the last year. Today I want to write about a couple of other kinds of impact that the film and the visualisations have created. We have observed the concepts, arguments and visual language being taken up and interpreted as new and derivative work by other practitioners. This points to a different sort of cultural propagation: the spectacle of the film created a momentum that has driven others to re-interpret, re-create and extend the work in many different directions.