Feb 14, 2012

Lady Gaga uses Sonic Notify - the inaudible QR code for smartphones

She’s known for her trendy music and being on the cutting edge of fashion, but Lady Gaga has also been pioneering a sonic technology that’s set to transform experiences at live events.

At her Monsters Ball tour she deployed a product made by U.S start-up Sonic Notify that transmits a signal to the smartphones of audience members that can then link them to various websites and images – and even give them the chance to vote for the encore song.

The signal is cleverly embedded within a song or an audio track of some sort, and picked up by the Sonic Notify app.

It's a bit like a sonic version of a QR code - a scannable barcode used on some adverts that customers can read with their smartphones to access offers and more information.

The app was developed as a result of band MGMT’S record label, Cantora Records, opening a technology division and offering finance to promising start-ups.

Mail Online