Jun 30, 2010

Transformerbare skjermer??

Bruksområdene kan være mange for denne teknologien, som riktignok bare er på forsøksstadiet:

En kan for eksempel se for seg fleksible skjermer, som så kan endre form ved hjelp av løsninger som dette.

Kilde: Nature News

Jun 18, 2010

sound:frame Festival Lightrails

The interactive audio-visual installation ‘Lightrails’ was a project that Strukt created together with unheilbar architektur for Project Space inside the Kunsthalle Wien, commissioned by sound:frame festival.

‘Lightrails’ is a light sculpture with the intention to re-define and re-interpret the exhibition room. An easy but effective mapping technique was used to create seamless projections on both sides of the object. Light-beams were triggered by the visitors and ran through the room, following the surface created by the sculpture. Each ‘reflection’ of the light-beam was accompanied by sound. The speed and brightness of the beam was directly influenced by the force the visitors used when triggering the beam stepping on pedals on the floor. This also influenced the volume of the sound-effects. The audio signal was played back on a surround sound system that allowed a spatial positioning of the sounds and created a truly immersive experience.

The sound-design was courtesy of Digitalofen Audiobakery, which also created the ambient sounds that were pervasive through the room. As usual, we used our favorite real-time multipurpose toolkit to create the installation.

sound:frame Festival Lightrails / Strukt